Host | Actor | Producer

​​​​Lauren Gambino is a professional host, actor, improvisor, and producer.  The ultimate fan, Lauren's love for sports shines through her work.  She recently was on the team that launched Steelers Pro Shop Live and hosted their inaugural shows -- the first of it's kind for a professional football team to connect directly with their fans.  Lauren's experience in hosting live shows extends to HQ Sports, QVC, and Sports Shop Live. Lauren also hosts a travel show, Visit the USA and has experience conducting red carpet and celebrity interviews with The Daily Quirk. 

As an Actor and Improvisor, Lauren always finds levity to create a more engaging experience for viewers.  Her comedic timing, witty banter, and Jersey girl roots combine to give her a je ne sais quio that can't be duplicated. 

Lauren also owns a plant + home boutique in Jersey City with her sister.