​​Lauren Gambino is a professional host, actor, improvisor, and producer.  Gambino hosts HQ Sports, a live sports-only trivia game on the HQ Trivia app.  Her ability to improvise and engage with the live audience creates an interactive community on this new platform.  Gambino is fantasy football obsessed and travels to a different football stadium every year during the season, not only to enjoy a game but also to explore the unique experiences each city is known for.   This led her to create, produce, and co-host “OFFSIDES”, a funny weekly fantasy football web show.  She also hosts a travel show, Visit the USA, where her genuine curiosity and adventurous side shine. She has covered red carpet events for New York Fashion Week, Tribeca Film Festival, and New York Comic Con as well as one-on-one celebrity interviews.  She is also currently the US brand ambassador for Skechers USA, hosting live and unscripted segments on QVC.  Gambino performs improv weekly in NYC with her troupe, “My First Tattoo”.  

Host | Actor | Producer